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Terms and Conditions

Deposit to hold Date:

Approximately 30% of the Total hire and delivery price due upon booking to secure availability of stock on your date. 


Upon payment of the deposit, the client has committed to the hire of all items listed herein. Therefore, additions to this inventory are possible until 14 days prior to the wedding date, subject to availability. Subtractions are not permitted except at the discretion of Le Petit Pichet, upon written agreement.. Quantities of any items affected by final guest count may be adjusted until no later than 14 days prior to the wedding date, with any reduction of numbers not to exceed 20% of original booking numbers. 

Final Payment:

Final payment  is due no fewer than 14 days prior to the wedding date. Any adjustments to inventory and therefore total cost to be accounted for upon final balance payment. 


Payment of Deposit is final, and non-refundable.  If there are any cancellations - the deposit stays with Le Petit Pichet.                                               With any postponments - Le Petit Pichet hold the right to decide if the deposit is transferrable to the new date.  

Security Deposit:

All Security Deposits are fully-refundable within 14 days maximum after the event.    The Security Deposit must be paid with  the final payment.  If client owns a french bank account then a cheque can be taken and held uncashed until after the event.     This deposit will be held or cheques un-cashed, until your hire items have been returned safely and in good condition and arrangements have been made for payment/replacement of any damaged goods as necessary (apart from normal minor wear & tear,).  Otherwise, any breakages, losses or damaged items can be deducted from the deposit amount .

Hire Period:

Hire period is for the duration of your “wedding weekend” - whether that be 2 days or 5 days, and whether an actual weekend or not. We will simply agree on a date and time for delivery and collection as your arrival/set up schedule becomes clearer. We will make every effort to accommodate for your preference of timings, but do be aware that we often have multiple events/delivery schedules to consider in any given week. We also make every effort to arrive at the exact agreed time but due to variables such as traffic and other client’s schedules, this may not always be possible.  


Unless agreed otherwise, all items must be returned in the same condition as they were delivered: clean, dry and neatly packed, with the exception of glassware, cutlery and food/drink containers which can be returned dirty, upon prior agreement and to be priced accordingly.

All hired items are for you to use as you see fit, within the confines of “common sense usage.” As an example: chairs are for sitting and tables are for eating - neither are to be stood upon! All of our items are fine for outdoor use, but must be stored indoors/moved indoors in bad weather. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their venue has sufficient indoor storage space and that a member of staff or their party has been assigned to move delicate items indoors in case of heavy rain. Certain items may be fine to leave outdoors overnight, but again, common sense usage applies (weatherproof lighting is fine to leave outdoors in the rain, upholstered furniture is not!) If you have any questions/doubt, please ask. Any evidence of abusive handling, such as footprints on tables, or items that have obviously been left in the rain for days, will be billed as damages - whether any apparent damage is surface-evident or not.  (See below for details.)

Set up, Styling, and Break-down:

Unless otherwise agreed, the above pricing is for hire only and does not include any set up, installation, styling or break-down services. Said services can of course be arranged at further cost - Please enquire for details.

Supplementary Items:

In certain cases, supplementary items may be delivered along with your hire order (either necessary utilitarian items, such as storage crates etc., or supplementary décor items included as a courtesy.) There is no charge for such items, but by accepting their delivery you are agreeing to the same level of care and responsibility as for your chosen hire items, and are therefore liable for any loss or damage incurred during the hire period. You do, of course, have the option to refuse delivery of any such items, with the exception of transport crates or any items necessary to the safe and proper function of your hire items. Transport crates are to be stored away and not to be used during your event. Any evidence that they have been used (to carry sticky bar stock, for example!) will be billed as damages.


A quick preliminary inventory/damage inspection will take place upon collection of your hire items, at which time you will be given the option to settle any damages/costs found. However, Le Petit Pichet reserves the right to bill for any damages discovered upon further, more thorough inspection when the items are unpacked/re-shelved. Any such damages will be reported to the client and billed within 14 days following collection.  

Venues & Suppliers:

Ultimate responsibility for all hired items lies with the client and any suppliers contracted by the client, including venue representatives, are an extension of the client. Therefore, any loss or damage incurred at the hands of a supplier or Chateau will be billed to the client. The client may, of course, wish to ask said supplier or chateau to reimburse any such costs, but Le Petit Pichet is not able to intervene in such matters and must be paid promptly for any billed damages irrespective of any arrangements the Client may make with suppliers for reimbursement.

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